Monitoring syndication

After you set up a syndication relationship, you can monitor the progress of the data replication between syndicators and subscribers for details such as whether syndication was successful, when it occurred, and how many changes were included.

You can view syndication results from either the syndicator or subscriber.
  1. Log in to IBM® WebSphere® Portal on the syndicator machine or the subscriber machine.
  2. Go to Administration > Portal Content.
  3. Click Syndicators or Subscribers.
    For each syndicator or subscriber, the following information is displayed:
    This displays the current state of the syndication process.
    • Idle: No syndication is occurring.
    • Pending: A request has been made to the syndicator, but it has yet to initiate a request to the syndication application.
    • Queued: The syndicator has sent a request to the syndication application, but syndication is not yet active.
    • Active: Syndication is occurring between the syndicator and subscriber.
    • Disabled: Syndication is currently disabled. If syndication was already in process prior to being disabled, the status can be a combination of Disabled and Pending, Queued, or Active.
    Note: If a subscriber initiates syndication, the status on the subscriber does not display as Queued. The status remains as Idle until syndication begins and the status then changes to Active.
    Last Update
    This field indicates when the last syndication update was performed and provides a link to view detailed results of the update.
  4. To ensure that the status information displayed is current, click Refresh.
  5. To view detailed status information for a syndicator or subscriber, click the link in the Last Update field.
    The following syndication details are provided.
    Syndicator and subscriber ID, name, and URL
    This information provides identifying details about the syndicator and subscriber that are engaged in syndication.
    This field indicates whether syndication is enabled for the syndicator or subscriber.
    This field indicates whether partial or full syndication occurred. With partial syndication, only those items that have been updated since the last syndication are replicated. Full syndication replicates all items, regardless of whether they have been updated since the last syndication.
    Started and finished time stamps
    These fields provide the date and time when syndication started and finished.
    This field indicates whether syndication was successful. Additional information about the syndication result is provided in the Detail field.
    This field provides detailed information about the syndication result, including any errors that occurred during syndication.
    Updates sent
    This field indicates the number of items that have been updated. This includes new items that have been added and existing items that have been updated.
    Removes sent
    This field indicates the number of items that have been removed.
    Old state and new state for subscriber or syndicator
    This field displays state information for a syndicator or subscriber before and after syndication occurred. This information is provided for the opposite member of the syndication relationship, so for example if you are viewing syndication results for a syndicator, the old and new states for the subscriber are displayed.
    If successful, this field indicates the actual change of status. If syndication has failed, this indicates what should have been the change of status.
    Note: The syndication state only displays a list of item gatherer ids and the current state. It is designed to be used as a diagnostic tool when troubleshooting syndication.
  6. To refresh the information on the syndication results page, click Refresh.
  7. To close the syndication results page, click OK.