Managing versions of items

A version of an item is created each time you save an item, or, if the item is participating in a workflow, each time the item's state changes to published. You can restore a version by viewing an item's version history and selecting a version to restore.

The versioning feature of IBM® Lotus Web Content Management does not take a "snap-shot" of a Web Content Management site. Only versions of individual items can be saved. Any hierarchical relationships to other items are not saved. For example, if you save a version of a site area that has child site areas and you delete the child site areas, the child site areas will not be restored if you restore the parent site area.

If you have links to external resources within a Web Content Management item, such as IBM Content Manager resources, Web Content Management does not keep a copy of the external resources in the version index. If you delete the external resource, you cannot use the Web Content Management version feature to restore the external resource.