Working with locked and draft items

As you work in collaboration with other users, you will encounter items that are locked by other users, either because they are being edited by another user, or a draft item has been created.

Working with locked items

When a user is editing an item, the item will be locked to other users. This means other users will not be able to edit the item until the current user closes the item being edited. A lock symbol locked is displayed against items that are currently locked.

Administrators can lock an item by selecting an item and then clicking either the Lock button. This prevents any user from editing an item.

Administrators can also unlock items currently being edited by a user by selecting an item and then clicking the Unlock button. This feature should be used sparingly as this will allow multiple users to edit the same item. Any changes made by the first user to save the item will be replaced with any changes made by the next user to save the item.

Hierarchical item locking options

Locking of sites, site areas, taxonomies and categories is configurable and is not enabled by default.

When locking is enabled for sites and site areas you cannot create any children under the locked site or site area. For example, if a site area is locked, you will not be able to create any new site areas or content items under that site area until it is unlocked. This only applies to items located one level below a locked parent. Items located under a child of a locked parent are not affected.

Working with draft items

When a new draft of a published item is created, a tick is displayed against the published item. This means that no other user can create a draft until the current draft progresses through a workflow and its state changes to published.