Deleting items

This topic details how to delete items, and how to manage deleted items.

To delete an item:
  1. Select an item in an index.
  2. Click Delete.

You can view a list of deleted items in either the My Items>Deleted or All Items>deleted views.

Referential integrity

When deleting items that are referenced by other items, you will need to resolve any references that will be broken by deleting the item. A dialog will open listing the items that cannot be deleted:
  • Select an item from the list and click the Edit Links button.
  • Select an item and click Replace Link to replace the item you are currently deleting with a different item. For example, if you are deleting a text component that is referenced within a presentation template, you can replace the reference to the text component you are deleting with a different component.
  • Select an item and click Clear Link to remove the link to the item you are deleting. For example, if you are deleting a presentation template that is mapped to an authoring template, you can choose to clear the link to the authoring template.
Note: The referential integrity options available when deleting items will depend on the level of referential integrity applied to different items. There will be occasions where only one option will be available. Other items may not be able to be deleted at all.

Restoring items

You can restore a deleted item by restoring a version of an item. See Managing Versions of items for further information.

Purging items

Users who have been granted Administrator access to a library can purge deleted items by selecting deleted items in the "All Items" view and then clicking Purge. This will remove all occurrences of the selected item, including all versions. You cannot restore purged items.