Creating a workflow stage

A workflow stage is comprised of a set of selected workflow actions.

  1. Click New->Workflow Stage.
  2. Enter identification information.
  3. To select a workflow action to execute on entering or exiting a workflow stage, click Select Actions.
    1. To add workflow actions, click Add.
      • Select the required workflow actions from the index and then click OK.
      • Only e-mail actions can be selected to execute on exiting a workflow stage. If you have not created any e-mail actions, there will not be any workflow actions available to select.
    2. To remove workflow actions, select the workflow actions you want to remove and then click Remove.
    3. Use the arrow buttons to change the order of when the selected workflow actions will be executed.
      Note: Some actions need to be run in a specific order. For example, you cannot run a version action before a publish action because you cannot save versions of draft items. You should also be careful when executing email actions. For example, if using a custom action you may want to execute the custom action before executing the e-mail action so that the draft content item is in a ready state to be reviewed by an approver.
  4. Select whether Joint approval will be enabled. Joint approval requires every user, and at least one user from every group, granted "approval access" to approve the workflow stage.
  5. Select whether to require a comment to be entered when approving a workflow stage.
  6. To select which users will have access to an item in the current workflow stage:
    1. Click either:
      • Grant User Access.
      • Grant Contributor Access.
      • Grant Editor Access.
      • Grant Manager Access.
      • Grant Approve Access.
    2. To add users or groups, click Add.
      • Select either Users or Groups.
      • Enter text to search for in the Search field and then click Search. (Leave the Search field blank to display all users or groups.)
      • Select the required users or groups and then click OK.
    3. To remove users or groups, select the users or groups you would like to remove and then click Remove.
    4. Then click OK.
  7. Set access properties. This is not the same as granting access to users in the previous step. The access section is used to grant access to this workflow stage form, not the items participating in a workflow.
  8. Click Save and close.