Creating an e-mail action

An e-mail action sends an e-mail to a set of users or groups.

  1. Click New>Workflow Actions>Email action.
  2. Enter identification information.
  3. Select the types of users to send e-mails to.
  4. Click Select Other Recipients to select additional e-mail recipients.
    1. To add users or groups, click Add.
      • Select either Users or Groups.
      • Enter text to search for in the Search field and then click Search. (Leave the Search field blank to display all users or groups.)
      • Select the required users or groups and then click OK.
    2. To remove users or groups, select the users or groups you would like to remove and then click Remove.
  5. Enter text to include in the e-mail.
  6. Set access properties.
  7. Click Save and close.