Referencing authoring tool components

The authoring tool tag is used to reference an authoring tool component within menu element designs and navigator element designs. When added to menus and navigators, the edit, delete and approve functions are applied to each item displayed in a menu or navigator. The approve button will only be visible if the menu or navigator is displayed when previewing a draft content item. This tag can also be referenced within presentation templates, but it is recommended that a component tag be used instead.

<AuthoringTool context=" " name=" " start=" " end=" " />
<AuthoringTool Opens an authoring tool tag.
context=" " This determines which content item or site area is being referenced.
Specify context="Current" when referencing an authoring tool in a presentation template.
Specify context="AutoFill" when referencing an authoring tool in a menu or navigator.
name=" " Enter the name and library of the authoring tool component being referenced. For example, name="library/item". To use the library specified in the URL of the current page, use name="./item".
  • If a content item with the same name is used in more than one site, you can also specify name="library/site/sitearea/item" to select the appropriate content item.
  • If you specify name="./item", the library name will not appear in your presentation template or element design. The actual path will not be resolved until the item is rendered.
start=" "

end=" "

The start and end attributes are used to wrap the data returned by a tag within other tags, such as HTML. These attributes are not mandatory.
/> Closes the tag.