Using presentation templates

You use a presentation template define the layout of elements displayed on a Web page, and to define the default properties of a Web page such as the background and default font of a Web page.

Presentation templates allow you to change the look of a page without having to update what is being displayed on a page. For example, a presentation template that displays a Menu on the left side of a page can be changed to place it on the right without having to rebuild the menu. All Web pages based on the same presentation template will be changed.

There is little difference between building a presentation template and using HTML to build a Web page. It may even be helpful to build a "mock-up" of the page you are designing in HTML before creating a new presentation template. Simply replace the different sections of your Web page with references to elements using Web content tags.

Creating a presentation template

To create a presentation template:
  1. Click New->Presentation Template.
  2. Enter identification information.
  3. Enter HTML in the presentation template design.
  4. Set access properties.
  5. Click Save and Close.