Importing and exporting HTML

You can import HTML and export HTML to and from presentation templates and elements that store HTML.

Web Content Management automatically imports images within the body of the imported HTML that are referenced using an "img" tag. Web Content Management does not import other image reference types.

Web Content Management does not verify if the imported HTML or text is valid. For example, if you import HTML that contains a JavaScript error, then that error will appear in your content when previewed.

The encoding of the current browser window determines the encoding of the imported or exported HTML. For example if the browser is currently using GB2312 for Chinese, then only GB2312 encoded HTML can be imported, and on export the exported HTML encoding will be GB2312.

  1. To import HTML click Import.
    1. Select the file you want to upload and then click Save.
  2. To export HTML click Export.
    1. Navigate to the directory you would like to export the HTML file to and then click OK.
      Note: No warning is given when exporting HTML to a file that already exists. Care should be taken not to save over existing HTML files when exporting HTML.