Displaying page navigation details

You use the PageInfo tag to display page navigation details in the design of a page navigation element.

<PageInfo value=" " knowntext=" " unknowntext=" " start=" " end=" " />
<PageInfo Opens an ID component tag.
value=" " The following values can be displayed using a PageInfo tag:
  • currentPage
  • totalPages
  • firstItemOnPage
  • lastItemOnPage
  • totalItems
  • itemsPerPage
  • unknownPages

The value "unknownPages" is used to display different text when the total number of pages is either known or unknown. When used you must also use the "knowntext" and "unknown" text parameters.

knowntext=" "

unknowntext=" "

These parameters are used when value="unknownPages". For example:
<PageInfo value="unknownPages" 
knowntext="of" unknowntext="of at least" />
This could be used with other PageInfo tags to render the following:
  • When the total number of pages is known: "Page 2 of 5."
  • When the total number of pages is unknown: "Page 2 of at least 5."
start=" "

end=" "

The start and end attributes are used to wrap the data returned by a tag within other tags, such as HTML. These attributes are not mandatory.
/> Closes the tag.