Option selection element

An option selection element can only be added to an authoring template. You create a predefined set of values for content creators to select from when creating a content item.

  1. Create or edit an authoring template.
  2. Add an option selection element to the authoring template.
  3. Click on
    to open the properties view.
  4. You can restrict user selection in the content form to a single option, or multiple options. If using multiple select, you can also specify the minimum and maximum selections a content creator can make.
  5. Type the choices in the properties view of the option selection element, one on each line, in exactly the order you want them to appear on the content form.
  6. The options can be displayed as either radio buttons, a drop-down list or a paged table. You can also select to "automatically select the most appropriate option". If there are five options or less, radio buttons are used. If there are more then five, but less than twenty-one, a dropdown list is used. If there are more than twenty options, a paged table is used.