Navigator elements

A navigator elements displays metadata and content from a predefined section of a site framework (sites, site areas and content items), usually in the form of links.

Navigators are not menus. Menus are a list of hyperlinks that take you to specific pages. Navigators can also be hyperlinks that can take you to specific pages but navigators are organized differently. Navigators present the logical arrangement of a web site whereas menus are a list of related web pages in your site.

The navigator element is configured by selecting a start area and determining a child depth, a parent level, and a sibling value relative to the start area. Possible start areas are sites, site areas, or content items. The selected start area must be in the same site that the navigator element will be used in.

There are also options to determine if the start area is to be displayed, if content items are to be displayed, and if the hierarchy from the start area to the current site area should be expanded.

A set of element designs is used to format the information for each branch of a navigator.

Navigators display links to different site areas in a site. As such, each site area in a site should have a default content item. Otherwise, some links in a navigator will not work.

Creating a navigator element

You can only use a navigator element by creating a navigator component. You cannot add a navigator element to authoring templates, sites, site areas or content items.