Using a JSP element

When using a JSP element, you enter a path to a JSP file.

  1. Enter the path to the JSP file. The path must begin with a forward slash.

    For example:

    Note: Storing JSP Files

    JSP files can be located:

    • within the was_profile_root/installedApps/node-name/wcm.ear/ilwwcm.war directory of your server.

      The JSP page is also stored in the client war directory of the local rendering portlet or of the servlet or portlet that calls the JSP, if using the Web Content Management API. For example, to render a JSP page on a local rendering portlet, you would also need to store a copy of the JSP file under was_profile_root/installedApps/node-name/PA_WCMLocalRendering.ear/ilwwcm-localrende.war

    • within any other Web application running on portal. When referencing JSP files in another Web application, use the following path: contextPath;jspPath

      For example: /wps/customapplication;/jsp/editor.jsp

  2. Enter an error message to display when an incorrect JSP path is entered. A Java exception stack trace will be displayed if there is syntax error.