Inserting an image in an element

You can insert images into elements containing an HTML or rich text field using the Insert Image button.

  1. Click Insert Image
  2. To insert an image stored on your file system, click Browse under Upload an image file and select an image to upload.
    1. To upload the image as a new image component, select "Add image to library and grant all users access".
      Note: This option is not available if the workflow feature has been enabled for components.
  3. To insert an image component, click Browse under Insert a library image and select an image component and then click Close.
  4. Select from the layout options to determine how the image will appear within the text of the field.
  5. You can set the following image properties under Advanced options:
    Border Define the size of the border to appear around the image. (0 = no border)
    Width Set the width of the image (in pixels). Optional.
    Height Set the height of the image (in pixels). Optional.
    Alternate text Enter the name of the image to display if the browser cannot display the image.
  6. Click OK.
Note: Inserting images into a rich text element using Firefox

Firefox prevents Web sites accessing local files due to security restrictions. This means that you will not be able to view images inserted into a rich text element. See't_work for information on turning off this security setting.