Indenting element designs

You use an indent tag to format element designs that require results to be indented.

<indentcmpnt offset=" " repeat=" " start=" " end=" " />
<indentcmpnt This opens an indent tag.
offset=" " Enter the number of pixels to determine the size of the indent.
repeat=" " Enter the text to repeat at the beginning of the indent.
Note: Double-byte character sets

Not all double-byte character sets support extended ASCII. To use tags such as "&nbsp;" you will need to replace "&" with "&amp;".

For example:
<indentcmpnt offset="0" repeat="&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;"/>
start=" "

end=" "

The start and end attributes are used to wrap the data returned by a tag within other tags, such as HTML. These attributes are not mandatory.
/> This closes the tag.