Using a federated content element

When using a federated content element you will need to search a set of federated content and then select the content you would like to reference within the element.

  1. Click Select Reference to search for federated content:
    1. Click Search Template to select an existing search template.
    2. Click Full Text Search to search full-text search enabled federated entities.
    Note: The current user's credentials must have appropriate access privileges in IBM Information Integrator for Content to perform searches, select references, and view content to successfully create a federated content component.
  2. Click Clear Reference to clear the currently selected federated content from this element.
  3. Click Lock Version to lock the current reference to the selected federated content. If you update the original federated content, the federated content element will not use the updated version, but will use the "locked" version.
  4. Click Unlock to unlock the current version of the federated content reference. If unlocked, each time the federated content component is rendered, the current version is retrieved form the federated data source.
  5. Click Refresh Version to update the locked federated content reference. The status of the federated content element is still considered as locked.
  6. Click Preview Content to preview the selected federated resource as it would appear when rendered in the rendered site based on the access rights of the current user.
  7. Click View Attributes to view the current attributes of the selected federated content.
  8. Enter the user-name and password required to access the federated content source.