Deleting a Web content library

When a Web content library is no longer required, you can delete the library.

  • You must be an administrator to delete Web content libraries.
  • A library cannot be deleted if there are references to items in the library being deleted from items in other libraries.
  • A library is only deleted on the current server. If syndicating to other servers, you must delete each library on each server separately.
  • If you want to prevent any changes being made to items stored in a library, but would like those items to still appear on a rendered site, you should disable the library instead.

To delete a library:

  1. Go to Administration > WebSphere Portal > Portal Content > Web Content Libraries
  2. Click delete library on the library you would like to delete.
  3. Click System Reports to open a list of library deletion reports.
  4. Click on the latest report to review the library deletion.