Selecting Web content libraries

You select which libraries will be available to users when using this authoring portlet in the Library Selection section.

  1. To add a library, select a library in the left column, then click Add.
  2. To remove a library, select a library in the right column, then click Remove.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to change the order of the selected libraries. This will determine the order the libraries will appear in the authoring portlet.
Note: Configuring or personalizing an authoring portlet

Libraries selected using the "configure" view are available to all users with valid access. Libraries selected with the "personalize" view are available for that user only.

The libraries available in the "insert links" and "insert images" dialogues are based on the libraries selected in the "configure" view. If you select a library in the "personalize" view that is not selected in the "configure" view, you will not be able to select items from this library when using the "insert links" and "insert images" dialogues.

You can select libraries specifically for the "insert links" and "insert images" dialogues by doing the following:
  1. Go to Administration > WebSphere Portal > Portal User Interface > Manage Pages >.
  2. Search for the page with the unique name of
  3. Edit the page layout.
  4. Edit the shared settings of the Web Content Authoring portlet.
  5. Select the required libraries and click OK.
  6. Click Done.