Configure My Places

To display places and applications, configure My Places with information about the servers where the places and applications are installed. You can add, edit, or delete the server information through the configuration.

Before configuring My Places, ensure that the target portal URL is correct by navigating to that portal server in a browser.

My Places displays places and applications from one or more servers, as defined in the portlet's configuration. If no servers are specified, My Places attempts to retrieve places from the local server.

My Places is deployed by default but not added to a page. To use this portlet, add it to a page.
Note: You can use the Portlet palette to drag My Places to the current page.
  1. Access the configuration page for My Places.
    1. Click Administration in the tool bar.
    2. Under Portlet Management in the navigation tree, click Portlets.
    3. Navigate to the My Places portlet, and click the configure portlet icon.
  2. Specify the servers from which to display applications or places.
    1. Enter ServerList in the New Preference field.
    2. In the New value field, specify the servers in XML format. For each server that you want included in My Places, include a <server> element, according to the following syntax:
      <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
            <name>ServerName (Can be anything representing the server)</name>
            <desc>Some description</desc>
            <name> ServerName (Can be anything representing the server)</name>
            <desc>Some description</desc>
            <url> http://<server>:<port></url>	
      Important: The formatting above is used for clarity only. When entering the XML string in the New value field, do not include line breaks. Here is an example: <?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?><serverlist><server><name>Server 1</name><jndiname>PlacesServer</jndiname><desc>Technical support regional server</desc><url></url></server></serverlist>
  3. Click OK.