Previewing and applying a theme style

Preview the new theme style as you are making modifications, and once you are done, apply the style to a page.

  1. To preview the new theme style:
    1. Click Save style to save your changes.
    2. Navigate to a page to which you have applied the style to see your changes.
    3. Return to the Theme Customizer to continue editing the style.
    Once you have applied a style to a page, you can click the Customize Style paintbrush icon to edit the style directly from the page.
  2. To apply a style to a page, use the Manage Pages portlet to edit the properties for the desired page and set the style.
    1. Click Administration.
    2. Click Manage Pages.
    3. Locate your page in the Manage Pages portlet.
    4. Click the Edit Page Properties icon.
    5. Select your style in the Theme style (Theme Policy) list.
  3. To apply a style to the current page, use the Page Menu on the selected page tab to access the page properties.
    1. Hover your mouse over the selected page tab.
    2. Click the arrow to display the Page Menu.
    3. Click Edit Page Properties
    4. Select your style in the Theme Style (Theme Policy) list.