Selecting a graphic

Select a graphic to use as the logo or a background. You can also upload a new graphic or work with graphics that have already been added to your theme style.

  1. To select a graphic to use as your logo or background, click the thumbnail for the graphic. Click the thumbnail labeled None if you do not want to use a graphic, or Theme default if you want to use the graphic specified by the theme in use on the page where the style is applied.
  2. To delete a graphic from the theme style:
    1. Click the x icon under the thumbnail image you would like to delete.
    2. Click OK to confirm the delete, or cancel to keep the graphic in your style.
  3. To see a full-size preview of a graphic in the theme style, click the plus (+) icon under the thumbnail image you would like to preview.
  4. To upload a graphic:
    1. Click Browse... to locate an image.
    2. Click Open in the File Upload window.
    3. Click Upload to add the image to your theme style. After the file uploads, it will become the selected graphic.
  5. Click Done to return to the Theme Customizer.
To add a sample graphic to your style, click on the link to add a sample graphic, and then click on the thumbnail for the graphic