Defining global targets

Learn how to define global targets.

Cross-page wires allow portlets to exchange properties across pages. Before you create a cross-page wire, you must define communication targets for the target page as global on its portlets. Defining a target as global will also make that target available to Click-to-Action menus. To set global targets on the target page, proceed by the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the target page on the portal.
  2. Select Edit Page
  3. Select the Wires tab.
  4. Click the Define Global Targets . . . button.
  5. Select Global to make a communication target on a portlet available to wires and Click-to-Action menus from cooperative portlets on other pages.
  6. Click OK to enable the communication targets.
  7. For details about how to add a cross-page wire refer to Adding a wire.