Modifying the clipping type

To change the type of clipping that the Web clipping portlet performs, click Modify clipping type when creating or editing a Web clipping portlet.

The following options are available when you are creating or editing a Web clipping portlet.
Perform the following steps to modify the clipping type:
  1. Select the type of clipping you want.
    • HTML clipping This choice enables you to manually select elements of the document by clicking on them with the mouse. Selected elements are highlighted in yellow to indicate that they will be kept after clipping. When performing HTML clipping, consider using the following:
      • A single click selects an element if it is not already selected. Clicking on it again will deselect it. To deselect all elements, use the Clear button on the toolbar.
      • To confirm that you have highlighted all content you want, use the Preview button on the toolbar.
    • Keep all content This choice brings the entire Web page into your portlet without discarding any content.
    • Text clipping This choice enables you to select the content between specific text strings that are in the HTML document. Content between these strings is kept, and all other content is discarded.
      • Start clipping after text Begin clipping (or keeping) content after this text string.
      • End clipping before text Stop clipping content before this text string.
      • Include start and end text with clipped content Select this option to include the text strings in the resulting output.
  2. Click OK to continue or Cancel to quit.