Adding a Web clipping portlet

You can create and name a new Web clipping portlet, specify the URL of the HTML document that you want to clip, and set locale-specific titles.

Perform the following steps to add a Web clipping portlet:
  1. Click New portlet.
  2. Type the name of the Web clipping portlet in the Name and default locale title field. This value is used both as a name to identify the portlet and as the default locale title.
  3. Type the fully qualified URL (for example, of the HTML document that the Web clipping portlet is associated with in the URL to clip field.
  4. Type a description for the Web clipping portlet in the Description field.
  5. To specify titles and descriptions for the Web clipping portlet in other languages, click I want to set titles and descriptions for other languages. A list of locales appears.
    Note: This option only appears if the portal is configured to support more than one language.
    1. Select a locale, then click Set title for selected locale. A prompt for the title and description appears.
    2. Type in the Web clipping portlet title and description for the selected locale, then click OK.
    3. Repeat this procedure for each locale for which you want a locale-specific title.
    4. Click OK when you have finished setting locale values.
  6. Enter a timeout value in the Read timeout field. The value of the parameter is an integer representing the timeout value in milliseconds. The timeout is in effect after a connection is established and while waiting for the Web server to respond, or complete a response, to a request.
    The purpose of the timeout value is to prevent long wait times in cases where the user has a slow connection or the clipped Web page is served by a slow server. Set the value to0 if you want the clipped page to load no matter how long it takes.
  7. Click Advanced options.
  8. If you want to modify the default values for the clipping type, firewall options, authentication options, rules for URL rewriting, security options, display options, or mobility options, click the appropriate link. Make your changes, and click OK to return to this page.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select the content to keep and preview the resulting output. If you are using HTML clipping and you set Follow links to Never, the Web Clipping Editor will not follow links that are within the content you select when you click on them. If you set Follow links to Ask, when you select a link within the content to clip, you are asked if you want to follow the link. ClickOK to follow the link, orCancel to exit. While previewing the resulting output, if you selected to follow links, you can use Back to navigate through the pages you selected for the Web clipping portlet.
  11. Click Finish to save the Web clipping portlet.