Creating a virtual portal

Create a new virtual portal. This includes providing the title, description, and URL context for the new virtual portal, and selecting the initial administrative user group, default theme, and user realm (if applicable) for the new virtual portal.

To create a new virtual portal, perform the following steps:
  1. Click the New Virtual Portal button. The Create New Virtual Portal panel appears.
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Virtual portal title: Enter the title of the virtual portal. This field is limited to 255 characters.
    • Virtual portal description: Enter the description of the virtual portal. This field is limited to 255 characters.
    • URL Context: Enter the URL context. This is the last part of the URL of the virtual portal and will be preceded by
      Note: All virtual portal URL contexts must be built from the root context for the portal server and must be unique. You cannot use sub-contexts. For example, this URL is invalid: This is the correct format:
    • Virtual portal hostname: Enter the host name for the virtual portal.
      Note: You cannot use the same virtual portal host name twice in the same portal installation. The host name must be unique for the portal installation.
    • User realm: Select a realm from the list. This pulldown appears only if realms are enabled on your environment. The default realm is portal. You can select other realms that you might have created. If you have realms enabled, but you do not want to use them for your virtual portals, you can deselect realms by selecting the blank option line from the pulldown list.
    • Initial administrative user group: Enter the name of an administrative user group, or search for a group. To search for a group, follow these steps:
      1. Click the Search icon.
      2. Select the search type from the Search by: drop-down menu. The Search: field appears.
      3. Enter the search parameters in the Search: field.
      4. Click Search.
      5. Select the appropriate user group and click OK to continue.
    • Default theme: Select the default theme for the virtual portal from the drop down list. Select the Preview icon to see a preview of the selected theme.