Mapping a context to a portal page and working with mappings

You can map an existing context to a portal page. If a user clicks the mapped URL from outside of the portal, it will take the user to the desired portal page.

To map a context to a portal page or change a mapping, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Edit mapping icon for the context. The URL mapping portlet displays a list of portal pages with radio buttons for selection.
  2. Click the radio button of the portal page to which you want to map the context. To select a page further down in the hierarchy, click the listed parent pages above it until the desired child page is listed.
  3. Click OK to save the new mapping you created. If you do not want to save the new mapping, click Cancel. The URL mapping portlet returns to the previous panel. If you clicked OK, it displays the context with the new mapping in the Mapped to column of the table.
To delete a mapping, click the Delete mapping icon in the appropriate row of the context table.