Republishing and promoting a page

When you make changes to a promoted page, you can republish the page and promote it again to update the version that users can see on the target server. When you promote the page again, one previous version of the page is maintained on the server so that you can back out changes if necessary.

During the lifecycle of a published and promoted page, several versions of the page may be published, promoted and demoted. One previously promoted version of the page is maintained. The previous version of the page is hidden from all users on the target server by a specialized Personalization visibility rule, which is a different rule than the one used to show published pages to users.

When a promoted page is demoted, if a previous version of the page exists, the older version of the page becomes visible. This allows an administrator to quickly back out changes and replace the live version of a page with the previously promoted version. Only one prior version is maintained. If there are two previous versions of a promoted page, then the oldest version is deleted.

To republish and promote a page:

  1. In the source server site tree, locate the name of the page you wish to republish, then right-click on the page name.
  2. Click Republish to.
  3. Click All to republish the page to all servers where it has previously been published, or click server name to republish to just that target server.
  4. A message is displayed that the page is successfully republished.
  5. The page is now republished and the new version is visible only to the group of users defined as reviewers.
  6. To update the promoted page, which is visible to all users on the target server, you must promote the republished page.