Providing reviewer access to a published page

A special personalization rule is used to make a published page visible to a specific set of users, who will review the page before it is promoted. You can customize this rule to control which users can review the page.

When you publish a page using the Site Management publish feature, or the JACL publish script, the page is copied from one portal system to another, or from one virtual portal to another. When the page is published but not yet promoted, it is not visible to all users and is hidden by a special personalization visibility rule named publishRule. By default, the publishRule visibility rule allows members of the wpsadmins group to see and review published pages that have not been promoted. This rule can be modified using the Personalization Rule Editor.

The user must have access permission to both the personalization rule and the page; otherwise the user will not see the page.

Modify the rule to specify which criteria must be met for a user to be able to see a page that has just been published. For example, you can specify a different group of users, instead of wpsadmins, to be the group who can see and review the published page. Once the reviewers have reviewed the page, use the Site Management promote feature, or the JACL promote script, to move the page from the published (review) state to the promoted (live) state, where all users can view the page.

When a page is promoted, if a previous version of the page already exists, the older version is no longer visible to any portal user. Any personalization settings that were applied to the old page or portlet are retained and used by the new version of the page. Also, any URL references to the old page now point to the new page.