Configuring the Manage Pages portlet

You can change the number of pages that display on a page and the total number of pages that are listed by default. In addition, you can control whether or not the search option will appear.

Depending on your access rights, you can configure or edit some the standard features of this portlet.
Note: Changes made in Edit shared settings override changes made in Configure.
Perform the following steps to make changes:
  1. Select Edit shared settings, Configure, or Personalize from the portlet menu.
  2. Type the default number of pages that you want to appear in Number of pages per page. If the number of pages returned is larger than this value, users can scroll through pages or jump to a specific page of the table.
  3. Type the total number of pages that will be listed by default in Get this initial number of pages.
  4. If you want the search option to appear, select the Show search check box.
  5. If search is available, you can select the default search types that appear to users.
  6. To add additional columns to the table view, select the check boxes for the columns you want to appear.

  7. If you entered the panel for configuring the Manage Pages portlet from the Manage Portlets portlet, you can set a showbypermission preference by selecting one of the following two settings:
    • Yes: Displays only top level pages on which a user has Editor roles.
    • No: Displays all top level pages on which a user has User roles.
  8. Click OK to apply these settings or Cancel to discard the changes you have made. returns to the main panel. You can also return without saving by selecting Back from the portlet context menu.
To see updates, log out of the portal, and then log back in.