Creating a label

You can create a label to act as a separator to organize pages and URLs.

Labels can be used to help organize groups of pages and URLs into categories. For example, you can create a Music label to separate your music pages and URLs from other media URLs.

To create a new label, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Administration from the main menu.
  2. Click Manage Pages directly from the navigation.
  3. Click New label to create a new label. You will leave to create the new label.
  4. Type the title of the new label in Title. This is the title for the default locale.
  5. Select Themeto determine the look of the new label. Note: This option is only available when creating a root page.
  6. Continue to the next step to set advanced options. If you do not want to set advanced options, click OK to save the new label or Cancel to discard the label settings and return to .
  7. Click Advanced options to view optional settings in this section.
  8. Check supported markup fromThis page supports. Note: You must select at least one supported markup to create the label. The default is HTML.
  9. Click OK to save these settings for the new label. Click Cancel if you want to return to without creating the new label.