Changing portlet settings

You can change the settings of each portlet listed in the Edit Layout portlet. These options are available from the drop-down menu on each portlet shown in the container.

Each of these options opens a new window for changing your settings for the portlet. Depending on your access privileges, some of these options may not be available to you.
The following settings can be changed:
Users can switch page layout
Select this option to allow changing the layout of the page to one of these pre-defined layout templates. You can further customize this option by selecting one of the Allowed layouts.
Show toggle link
Select this option to display the link for advanced layout tools. When this link is first clicked, tools are displayed that allow you to create advanced page layouts.
Check portlet width before adding or moving portlets to a column
Select this option to prevent portlets of a certain width from being moved or added to a container that is too narrow.
Number of items per page
After the search results are returned, this limits the number of portlets for each page. For multiple pages, you can use the arrow icons to navigate to the other pages.
Never show more than this number of items
Limits the number of portlets returned in the search.
Also display the following information in the search results
Select whether the markups supported by each portlet should also be displayed in the results.