Creating your place

Get started by creating and customizing your own place.

Any authenticated user can create a place, unless place creation has been restricted by the administrator. If place creation has been restricted, only authorized users see the Create button.

Anyone can view or visit a public place. If you give your place public access and anyone can join, people viewing your place click a Join this place button to become a place member. A public place without self-join requires you or your place administrator to add members to the place. People cannot view or access a private place until you or your place administrator add them as members to the place.

You can also specify a list of tags for a new place. Public and personal place views in the places catalog can be sorted by tags.

After you create a place from a template, customize it to fit your needs. You can add content like blogs, wikis, or feed readers, add and reorder pages, manage members, or edit the properties of your place. If given the appropriate permissions, you can save your place as a template for others to use.