Creating and managing roles

Place roles determine place access and what actions can be taken within that place. Roles can have different levels of access for different pages within a place. Places can have custom roles as well as common roles.

Only a place manager can manage the roles of a place. You cannot delete roles containing the place owner or roles of which you are currently a member.
To create and manage place roles, do the following steps.
  1. Click Place Actions > Manage Roles.
  2. To create a role:
    1. Click New Role.
    2. Specify the new role name and description.
    3. Click OK.
  3. To edit the name and description of a role:
    1. Click the action menu icon for the role you want to edit.
    2. Select Edit Properties.
    3. Edit the name and description of the role.
    4. Click OK.
  4. To delete a role:
    1. Click the action menu icon for the role you want to delete.
    2. Select Delete Role.
    3. Click OK.
  5. To change the access levels of roles:
    1. Expand the role whose access you want to change. Each page of the place is displayed with the current access level for that page.
    2. For each page of the place, change the access level to one of these levels.
      • Full Access to modify content
      • Edit Access to all content on this page
      • Create and change only content owned
      • Read content and make comments
      • No access
    3. Specify whether this role can manage place membership. Select Allow this role to add and manage members for this place to allow all users who have that role to add and remove place members.
  6. Click Save.
You can change which role a member is assigned to from the Members List. See Managing members.