Enterprise Library Viewer

Use Enterprise Library Viewer to browse through the libraries and folders of an ECM repository and download ECM documents to your local computer. You can also use Enterprise Library Viewer to view the summary page for an ECM document.

For a more feature rich connection to an ECM library from a Lotus® Quickr™ place, use a Custom Library. This allows you to create new documents, edit existing documents, replace documents and delete documents on an ECM server directly from a Lotus Quickr place.

You can assign just one ECM location for a single instance of enterprise library viewer.

Starting from the name of the ECM library that has been configured to display in the enterprise library viewer, the breadcrumb at the top of the enterprise library viewer displays the name and position of the current folder or document in the ECM library.

If there are more items than are configured to fit on one page, you will have the option to move between multiple pages or change the number of items displayed per page.

Team credentials allow the users in a defined team to access a library of an ECM repository by specifying a single set of credentials. You must have manager access to set the team credentials.

Private credentials allow the user to access ECM repositories by specifying their own credentials. If private credentials are set for a user, they will override that user's team credentials for the enterprise library viewer.