Adding components

Add content components to your place, such as wikis, blogs, feed readers, and libraries.

  1. Click Customize. If you do not see the Customize option, it means that you do not have the minimum access to the place required to customize it.
  2. Add Content is the default. You do not need to select it.
  3. Select the component to add to the place.

    Click Next to see more content or click Previous to return to the previous list of content.

  4. Choose whether to add the content to a new or current page.
    Add to a new page
    Creates a page containing the content selected. Enter a name for the new page in the Page title field.
    Add to an existing page
    Adds the selected content to the page selected. If there is a restriction that does not allow specific content to be added to an existing page, this option is not selectable.
  5. Click OK.