Managing members

For a public place with the self-join option enabled, people can add or remove themselves as members. For all other places, the place manager must add or remove members.

Place membership is integrated into the side navigation of each place. A Members List portlet can also be added to any page. If the Members List portlet is used, it displays the same information as clicking Members in the side navigation.

Some features of the Members List, such as sending mail to members, or the person card facility, require setting the ibm-primaryEmail attribute. See Sending mail to place members for more details regarding this attribute.

To add someone as a member, the place manager does the following steps.
  1. Click Members.
  2. Click Add Members.
  3. Select the role for the member from the drop-down menu.
    Note: Members can only directly belong to one role in a place. They can have multiple roles if they belong to groups that have different roles.
  4. Enter some or all of the member name.
  5. A list of potential names is displayed. Select the correct one.
  6. The selected member to be added is displayed under the selected member role. You can enter additional member names to add them all at the same time.
  7. Click OK.
To remove a single member, the place manager clicks the trash can icon at the end of their row in the member list. To remove multiple members, the place manager selects the members and clicks More Actions > Remove Members.