Document versions

Use document versions to manage more than one iteration of a document.

A document version is one iteration of a document. The first version of a document is the original iteration, and each time the document is changed, the new document can either replace the old document, or the new document can be saved as a new version. This option of saving each iteration of a document as another version is document versioning. In addition to saving a document as a new version, you can restore a previous document version to the current version or download a previous version of a document to your local computer. You can not create a new version if the document is checked out or has a pending draft.
Document versioning is a characteristic of a document type. Each document type has a versioning setting:
Disable document versioning (default)
With versioning disabled, the modified version of a document replaces the current document. No previous version is saved.
Enable document versioning
When versioning is enabled, you can select whether or not you want to create a version of a document. If you choose to create a new version of a document, the original document will not be replaced, and a new document with the modified text is created.
Always store updates as new version
Each time a document is modified, a new version is created automatically. The previous versions are archived.
To enable versioning for a document type:
  1. Create a new document type, or edit an existing document type.
  2. Click the arrow next to Version Options to expand the section.
  3. Choose a versioning option:
    • Click Enable document versioning if you want to manually create versions of documents.
    • Click Always store updates as new versions if you want to automatically create a new version every time you modify a document.
  4. Click Update if you are editing an existing document type, or Create if you are creating a new document type.