Summary and details view

View documents in the details or summary view.

Near the breadcrumb trail, next to the toggle icon for Navigate by categories or Navigate by folders, are icons for two styles of document listing. Switch back and forth between the Summary and Details views by clicking on the appropriate icon.

The Summary view is the default view. For each document in the library, it displays a large document type icon. The document title is beside the icon, with a single line below the title that contains the date and time of last update, author, and creation date and time. A document description, if one exists, is displayed below that line.

The Details view uses a single line for each document. The line contains a smaller document icon, document title, document size, author, and last modified information. Use the details view to list more documents in a smaller amount of space in the browser window. For example, if twenty documents are listed in the summary view, you may need to scroll down in the browser window to see the last five documents in the list. If you switch to the details view, all the documents may fit in one screen without scrolling.

The library manager can change which columns of information appear in either the Summary or Details view. See Customizing library columns.