Searching documents

Search for a document in a folder or library.

Use the Search function to search for documents within the working library, or across all the document libraries that you can access on a server. The document search function looks through folders for documents, but the search results include only documents, not folders. You can search for documents based on the document content, author, or other document characteristics. You cannot search for words appearing within the text of the document.

To perform a basic search within the current folder:

  1. From the folder you want to search in, type your keywords in the Search field.
  2. Click the search icon to begin the basic search. The search results display at the bottom of the screen. Search results are sorted by relevance ranking. The ranking is indicated by the number of dots next to the document name.
    Note: only the first 200 search results are displayed. When more than 200 items are returned by the search, a message is shown at the bottom of the results list to indicate that only the first 200 items were retrieved. If the item you are trying to find is not included in the results, try modifying your search criteria and performing the search again, or using the sort function to reorganize the results list.
  3. Review the search results list. To refine the search, use the following advanced search options available from the search results screen:
    • Refine search by date: reduce the number of search hits by limiting the search results to documents created within the last 30 days, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
    • Show advanced options: Click on Show next to Advanced Options to search by document title, author, document type or category.
    • Hide results details: Click Hide Details to display a shorter, less detailed version of the search results.
    • Set search scope: Reset the search scope by clicking the search options icon next to the search field.
    • Exit search: Close the search screen by clicking the Close Search button.
    • Items per page: If there are too many search results to fit on one screen, increase the number of items shown per page by clicking on a larger number.
  4. Click on a document name in the search results list to go to the document preview screen. If search details are shown, the location of each document is also displayed. Click on the location name to go to the folder containing the document.
When typing the keywords for your search, be sure to use a wildcard with partial strings. For example, a search for "HTML" and "HTM*" returns a file with the word "HTML" in the document. The same search with partial strings and no wildcard, such as "HTM", does not return that document. The following types of search keywords and modifiers can be entered:
  • Free text (users enter a text or a phrase without any modifiers)
  • Internet-style plus ( +) and minus ( - ) symbols (+World +Wide +Web -spider searches only on "World Wide Web" and not "spider web")
  • Internet-style double quotes ( " ) for phrases ("World Wide Web")
The asterisk character (*) is not a valid wildcard character for searching in a library.