Submitting a draft for approval

Submit a document draft for approval.

A document draft is a private version of a document that is visible only to the user who created the draft. A document draft can be edited and saved as often as desired. When the draft is ready, the draft can be submitted for approval. If the draft approval process is enabled, submitting the draft will send it to draft reviewers who are able to view and edit the draft document. Once the reviewers approve the draft, it will be saved in the library, and all authorized users of the library can see the changed document.

To submit a draft for approval:

  1. Create or edit a document. Save the document in the editing application and save it as a working draft.
  2. Click Views > Draft Views > My Working Drafts.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the document name to display the menu.
  4. Click Edit Properties.
  5. Draft approval is enabled for specific document types. You must assign one of these document types to the document before the document can be submitted for approval.
    1. Click Change next to Document Type.
    2. Choose a document type by clicking on the document type name. It must be a document type which has draft approval enabled.
    3. Click OK.
  6. Click Submit for approval to initiate the draft approval process.
  7. The document is locked, or checked out, until approved by the reviewer or reviewers. This is indicated by a lock icon next to the document name.
Once it is submitted for approval, the document appears in the reviewer's Drafts to Approve view. As the author of a submitted draft, you can cancel pending changes before they are approved by cancelling the check out of the document. To cancel the check out, click on the down arrow next to the document name, then click Cancel checkout. When asked if you wish to cancel the checkout and delete any pending draft, click OK.

If the reviewer rejects the submitted draft, it appears in your Working Drafts view, and can then be edited and resubmitted. When approved, the document appears in the original folder where you first created the document. The document is visible to all users of the document library.