Current and archived versions

Retrieve previous versions of a document and determine which version of a document is current (active).

When versioning is enabled, archived versions of a document are available. You can create a new version of a document, or delete previous versions. You can also replace the most recent version of a document with an older version, making the older version the current, or active, working copy of the document.

To display archived versions of a document:

  1. Click the down arrow next to a document name to display the menu.
  2. Click Versions.
  3. The archived versions of the document are shown in list form. To view or restore one of the previous versions, click on the down arrow next to the version number to display the menu. Select one of these options:
    • Summary: display a preview screen to show the contents of the document.
    • View document: display the contents of the document using a browser plugin.
      Note: If the browser plugin for the document file type has not been installed, the following error appears: This function is not available unless you have installed the browser plugin.
    • Download: open the document version in a local editor.
    • Restore: replace the active (most current) version of the document with this older version. Any changes made between the earlier version and the most current version will be lost.
      Note: If more than one user tries to restore the same version or different archived versions of a document at the same time, the following error appears: An error occurred while trying to restore the version.
    • Delete: delete the document version.
    • Comments: display the comments of the document.
    • Properties: display the characteristics of the document, such as file name, location and last modified date.
The most current version of a document is the one that is active, or the working copy of the document. If you click on the document name in the library screen, the current version of the document is shown. When you are viewing the archived versions of a document, you can preview the current version by clicking Show: Current Document.