Managing property sheets

Create, replace or modify property sheets, which are associated with document types.

A property sheet provides additional fields of information to create a customized document type. For example, a date or a person field can be added to a property sheet, and when the property sheet is associated with the document type, the fields become part of the document type.

To create a property sheet:

  1. Click Manage Library > Manage Library Elements > Property Sheets.
  2. Click Create Property Sheet.
  3. Enter a title for the new property sheet.
  4. To add information fields to the property sheet, click on the field name in the Add Fields box. When adding a person field to a property sheet, you must associate a library user with the property sheet. To change field properties such as field label or choices, enable options such as rich text, searchable, decimal numbers, or multiple values, or make the field required, click on the name of the added field. You can also change the order of the fields
  5. Click Create.
To edit, delete, or copy a property sheet, click the down arrow beside the property sheet name. Click Related Management to work with Document Templates or Document Types.