Managing document types

Create or modify a document type.

By assigning a document type to documents, you can customize the content and behavior of documents in a library. The document type associates fields of custom information with any document in a library. When a document is created or edited, and a document type is assigned to the document, the fields of information in the document type become associated with the document. These pieces of information can be searched or used to create custom views containing sets of documents that share common characteristics. A document type defines the rules for publishing documents by enabling draft approval processes. In addition, using a document type, you can control how and when documents are versioned. Document types are a useful tool to help you organize and retrieve documents.

To create a document type:

  1. Click Manage Library > Manage Library Elements > Document Types.
  2. Click Create Document Type.
  3. In the title field, enter a title or label for the document type. The title field is required.
  4. If you want the document to have a default format and content, select an existing template or create a new template.
  5. If you want additional fields of information associated with the document, select an existing property sheet or create a new property sheet.
  6. Expand Version Options and select the appropriate option to disable, enable, or force versioning.
  7. Expand Draft Approval Options and select the appropriate option to disable approvals, enable serial approvals, or enable parallel approvals. Use the buttons to add and organize individuals or groups of approvers.
  8. Click Create to save the new document type.
To edit, delete, or copy a document type, click the down arrow beside the type name. Click Related Management to work with Document Templates or Property Sheets.