Live document

Hovering over a document name provides summary information about a document.

Live document is a business card for documents. When you hover over a linked document name in a library, a popup window displays with document summary information. Since this information is loaded every time you hover over a file name (it is live, or updated in real-time), you may see the message Loading live document info when the cursor is initially moved over the document name.
After a few seconds, the live document window appears. The window features the following summary information:
  • Thumbnail picture of the document. The picture may not be large enough for you to read the text, but provides an indication of the document content.
  • Title of the document
  • Document description
  • Name of the person who added the document
  • Date the document was last modified
  • Document type
  • Location of the document in the library

The document name and location are linked. Click on the document name to display a document preview. Click on the location to move to the folder containing the document.