Editing folders

Edit the name and description of a folder.

You can update the name and description for a folder. Folder names must be unique. If the library manager has locked the folder structure in a library, editing folders in the library is not allowed.

To edit the name and description of a folder:

  1. To edit a folder, navigate to the folder.
  2. Click Manage folder > Edit Properties
  3. Change the folder name and description. You can create folder names using non-Latin characters (such as Japanese and Cyrillic). However, some characters are invalid, such as asterisks (*), question marks (?), less than and greater than signs (<, >), apostrophes ('), quotes ("), backward and forward slashes (\, /), pipes (|), square brackets ([, ]), and colons (:). You receive an error message when trying use a name with these characters. Names can contain spaces.
  4. Click OK.