Uploading a document using drag and drop

Upload a document to a library by dragging and dropping it.

In addition to using to the Upload function to bring document files into the library, you can also drag and drop a document to upload it. You can import, move and copy documents in a library using drag and drop. Dragging a document from your local computer and dropping it into the library initiates the upload process.

To upload a document by dragging and dropping it:

  1. Navigate in the library to the folder or subfolder where you want to store the uploaded document. Open the folder.
  2. Navigate in your local file navigation system (such as Windows® Explorer) until the document file name is visible in the list of folder contents. Place the library window and the local file window side-by-side on your desktop so that both are visible.
  3. In the local file window, click on the document file name. Holding down the mouse button, drag the file until you can hover over the target folder name in the breadcrumb trail or file tree. When you are over the area, let go of the mouse button.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you want to upload the file.
A message is displayed in the library window to tell you that the document upload is complete.
You can also drag and drop a folder, with subfolders, from your local computer into the library. When you drag and drop a folder, the folder structure is maintained and all documents in the folder hierarchy are uploaded. For example, if the folder structure is /folder1/subfolder/, containing mydoc.doc, and folder1 is dragged into a library, then the upload process creates /folder1/subfolder/ in the library, and uploads mydoc.doc. Folders and documents can be dragged and dropped into the library folder tree, or into the breadcrumb trail, with folder structure maintained.