Creating a view

Create a custom view to group documents according to specific characteristics.

Create a view by selecting certain conditions or document characteristics. For example, if you want to view all documents that are about cats, you can enter "cat" as a condition. If you want to view all documents authored by John Smith, you can enter "John Smith" as a condition. The more conditions you add to a view, the more refined the result.

There are two types of views: private and shared. A private view is visible only to you. A shared view is visible to other users of the library. To create a shared view, click the option Share this view with all users when creating a view.

To create a view:

  1. Click New > View.
  2. Type the name for your view in the Title field. You can create view names using non-Latin characters such as Japanese and Cyrillic. View names can contain spaces and can be up to 255 characters long.
  3. You can select a view for a single folder, or for a folder and all its subfolders.
  4. Select the condition or conditions that determines which documents to show in the view.
    1. Under the heading Show documents where all of the following are true, click Add condition. Use the drop-down menu to select one or more of these conditions:
      • Title
      • File name
      • Description
      • Extension
      • Document type
      • Category
      • Added by
      • Date added
      • Updated by
      • Last updated
      • Added to library on
      • Size
      • Language
      • Other
    2. For each condition, use the middle drop-down box to indicate how to apply the condition. For example, for the title condition, specify whether the title should contain a keyword, start with a keyword, or exactly match (equal) a keyword.
    3. The third field in the condition is where you enter the keyword, date, or other specific data that completes the condition. For example, for the document type condition, click the link Select document types. A list of all document types available in the library is displayed. Select one or more document types, then click OK. The view lists only documents that have been assigned the specified document type or types.
  5. A view can be created using only one condition, or multiple conditions. Click Add condition if you want to add additional conditions to the view.
  6. Columns of information shown in the view can be customized. Click Customize the columns for this view to add, remove, reorder, or rename the view columns.
  7. Click Create to save the view conditions and create a view based on those conditions.

Example: Creating a category view

To display a list of all the documents that are assigned to a category, create a view with the category as the condition.
  1. Click New > View.
  2. Enter a title for the new view.
  3. Under the heading Show documents where all the following are true, click Add condition.
  4. Click the pull-down menu and select Category.
  5. Click Select categories. Click one or more category names to specify the category documents to be shown in the view.
  6. Click Create.

You can also create a view based on an existing view. To create a copy of an existing view, navigate to the existing view. Click Manage view > Copy As New.