Copying a document link

Copy the web address of a folder or document.

Each document list, folder, and document preview in the library has a unique web address that you can copy and send to another library user. When the person receiving the link pastes it into a browser, the browser opens to the location identified by the link address. If the user is not logged in to the library, the browser displays the login screen first, then opens the linked page.

To copy a document link:

  1. Navigate to the document whose link address you want to copy.
  2. Click Show links....
  3. To copy the link address, right-click on the highlighted web address under the heading Link to this page, then click Copy.
  4. If you are copying a link to a document, you can also copy a link address that allows another library user to download the document. This link address is located under the heading Link to download.
  5. Paste the copied link address into an e-mail, blog entry, or other application where it can be used to access the folder or document.