Choosing a property sheet

Choose a property sheet.

The Choose Property Sheet window is used to select one or more property sheets. The window displays a list of available property sheets. You can select one property sheet, or multiple property sheets. To select multiple property sheets, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the property sheet names. By default, local property sheets are displayed in the list. To see a list of shared property sheets, click Shared.

Click on a property sheet name to select it. To remove a selected property sheet, click the x next to the selected property sheet name.

To remove a property sheet from the selected property sheets list, click the x next to the property sheet name in the list.

If the list of property sheets is long and the one you are looking for is not displayed, use the Find feature to locate the property sheet. Click Find, then type the first letter, or two letters, of the property sheet name, then press Enter. Only the property sheet names that contain the letter, or letters, you typed are displayed.