Uploading documents

Upload a file into a library.

Uploading a file allows you to copy a document from your computer into the library, as opposed to creating a document through the library interface. The library manager can restrict file uploads to be smaller than a specific size, or limited to certain file extensions.

To import a file:

  1. In the top level of the library, click Upload.
  2. The file is uploaded to the top level of the library by default. If you want the file to be placed in a folder inside the library, change the location by clicking Change folder.
  3. Specify the location of the files on the local computer system. Type the folder or file path in the File field, or click Browse and navigate to the file on your computer.
  4. By default, the File name field for an individual file is created based on the name of the file on your local computer. You can type over this pre-filled name to change the file name.
  5. Next to Document type, click Change if you want to assign a different document type to the document created from the uploaded file.
  6. Click More Properties if you want to change these settings when uploading an individual file:
    By default, the document title is the same as the file name. You can change it by typing over the default title. The title appears in the library document listing instead of the file name. Do not use quotation marks (") in the document title. There are no other restrictions on the characters you can use to create a document title. For example, you can create a title using non-Latin characters such as Japanese and Cyrillic.
    Type a brief description of the contents of the file.
    Select your document language from the drop-down list. The default language selection is same as the current document library. The document language parameter is for informational purposes and searches, and does not affect the content of your document. If your language is not listed, you can select Other as an option.
    Click Select Categories to assign the document to one or more categories.
  7. Click Check in or Save as Working Draft to upload the file.